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A vacation is not complete without camping and spending time with family. But finding a good campsite by the beach with many fun activities and not many people can be very challenging. Almost all the places are swamped with people, and there’s barely any space to set foot. 

With all this difficulty, how can you find Essex’s finest beachside campsites? We have created a comprehensive list of some wonderful grounds below. So, let’s dive in. 

The 6 Best Campsites in Essex by the Beach

  1. Finchingfield Camping – The Best Overall 
  2. Colchester Country Park – Best Well-Maintained Park 
  3. The Pretty Thing – Most Tranquil Park 
  4. Tey Brook Orchard – Best Wild Yet Secluded Park 
  5. Mersea Island Holiday Park – Best for Tent Camping
  6. Osea Meadows – Most Wonderful Sights 

1. Finchingfield Camping – The Best Overall 

The Finchingfield campsite is by far the best of all. It is a lavender farm with excellent pitches, and vast flower meadows spread all across. The camp is located on the outskirts of Finchingfield village, which is an exceptional beauty in itself.

It really comes into its own in the summer, when the flowers are in full bloom, and the sun is out. The farm smells so heavenly you will not want to leave, and the scents make nights much more special and memorable. 

They offer tents for public use and have bathrooms installed on every pitch. You can also explore the village with a guide from the staff and try the hyped fun activities they offer. 


  • Private loo per pitch 
  • Wonderful ambience 
  • An environment filled with lavender scents 
  • Free trip for kids 


  • Cost per tent may be too much 
  • Non-electric pitches

2. Colchester Country Park – Best Well-Maintained Park

The Colchester Country Park is within 10 minutes of walking distance from the Colchester pitch. You can easily reach Essex, and it offers three facility blocks. Although these are combined, they have enough space to accommodate over fifteen people collectively. So you won’t have to wait outside the toilet to relieve yourself. 

The best part is that it is situated near East Anglia. You can reach London in around an hour and visit some famous picnic points and fun spots from here. There are a lot of fun activities to do in Colchester Park as well. 


  • Easy access to London and other places 
  • Three facility loo blocks
  • Easy accommodation 
  • Dogs are allowed 


  • Unmanned reception after closure times 
  • Single-person bookings are not endorsed 
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3. The Pretty Thing – Most Tranquil Park

As evident from the name, The Pretty Thing is one of the best campsites you can visit for a calm, peaceful experience. The atmosphere is so relaxed, quiet, and tranquil that you forget all your worries for a while. 

You can experience the countryside in that calm green space with internet access and electric hookups. The site also offers its own built-in bell tents and pods, so you don’t need to get a tent of your own. Enjoy the touch of luxury in that serene environment close to the coast. 


  • Dogs are allowed 
  • Combined toilets and showers 
  • Clean drinking water
  • Internet access


  • Can be slightly expensive 
  • Doesn’t offer a communal BBQ facility

4. Tey Brook Orchard – Best Wild Yet Secluded Park 

Tey Brook Orchard, only 6 miles away from Colchester, is located in the core of Essex. It is in the middle of 20 acres of wood, trees, and greenery and less than an hour away from London. You get world-class amenities in that modern luxury cabin. 

You get a communal kitchen and a pizza oven that lets you make finger-licking good pizza for memorable nights. The best part? You get a hot tub powered by the wood fire in the middle of the wild. You can also bring in your pets. 

Each cabin houses a personal double or single bed, pit fire, chairs, and BBQ grills. You get the same amenities in the bell tent, but since it’s relatively bigger, it’s more useful for families. A group of five friends can also do well there. 

The location is so beautiful and elegant; you can also hold weddings there. The place can house more than 40 people easily. 


  • Restaurants are available 
  • Offers a special vineyard 
  • Special facilities for disabled people 
  • Golf and games room 


  • Prices may be slightly higher 
  • Isn’t accessible throughout the year 
  • No internet access 

5. Mersea Island Holiday Park – Best for Tent Camping

The Mersea Island Holiday Park is within walking distance from the beach and has the most luxurious tent houses. The campsite has a unique requirement. No mobile phones or other devices are allowed. Simply enjoy camping and living in tents with your family. 

Each tent is around 10*10, so an ideal family of 5-6 can easily accommodate the tents. These are fixed on grass pitches, and you can even opt for luxurious homes if you prefer more of an enclosed space. 


  • Offers laundry area 
  • Pets are allowed 
  • Restaurant and clean drinking water 


  • No vans allowed 
  • No internet access 
  • Doesn’t offer special amenities for disabled persons
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6. Osea Meadows – Most Wonderful Sights

Located near the ancient Chelmsford, Osea Meadows is one of the best campsites you can visit for a peaceful, calm and lovely camping experience. For the coast, you get surreal views of the countryside and estuary. 

You get a wide range of accommodations with heated rooms and full-fledged ready kitchens. If you have a large group of people, the lodge tents make the ideal place to stay. It can accommodate up to eight people, has several beds, and has a wonderful shower and toilet space. You get a functional stove too. 

If you have a nick for adventures, you can also try the tree house, which offers four different beds. 


  • Pets are allowed 
  • Fires and electric hookups 
  • Restaurant on site
  • Shower and toilet facility 


  • No facilities for the disabled 
  • No facility for a BBQ
  • No internet access 
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Factors to Consider Before Going on Your First Camping Trip

Before you spend some $$$ on your campsite, you need to consider a set of factors. Even though the only aim of vacationing is to enjoy yourself and visit new things with your family. However, often the tent or place you rent is either not enough to accommodate your family or is not safe enough. 

This could include a dangerous campsite, bad people or any other thing that could be harmful to you or your family. That’s why you should go around the grounds with a guide before you take your family there. To ensure you’re happy with your final decision, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. 

You might be confused as to what factors to pay attention to. That’s why we have listed some important points below that can help you make the right decision. So, let’s get started. 

  • Location 

The first thing you must consider is the location you will be camping at since most of your quality time will be there. You must consider the surroundings and your distance from potentially harmful sites. 

Make sure you keep a minimum distance of 150 feet from nearby lakes and rivers. This is to ensure you are not interrupting the drinking session of wild animals there and not putting yourself in danger. 

Similarly, if your campsite is near meadows or grassy areas, keep a good distance. A huge variety of insects, repellents, and lizards reside here and can cause harm to you and your family.

Also, try to look for a place that is subtly crowded – not too much. This way, you can maintain your privacy while knowing that there are people around. It gives you a feeling of safety and that you are not alone. 

  • Comfort 

Comfort matters greatly when you plan to sleep at the same campsite for three days. Your tent should be placed such that it is away from tall trees with their branches poking in. 

Also, make sure that the spot is near a good neighbourhood campground. This way, if you want to go biking or cycling or go shopping, you won’t have a great distance to cover. 

A couple of good tourist attractions are also recommended to be in sight. That’s because there are often a lot of people around these spots, and that makes you feel comfortable that you are not alone in some wild place. 

  • Amenities 

Another important aspect is the amenities that a campsite has to offer. Is there proper management of electricity so you can charge your devices? Does it offer clean and safe drinking water? Can you easily go for some laundry or bathing or cleaning some prey you’ve caught? 

Similarly, does the campsite have a good place for tent camping? If you’re travelling in an RV, is that a suitable space to park it, etc.? You must consider all these things before choosing the campsite. 

  • Number of Days/Nights

A very important aspect is the total time you will be spending on that campsite. For shorter trips, you don’t need as many supplies, clothes or energy, etc. However, longer trips can be excruciating, and you will need twice or thrice more of the supplies you would otherwise carry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. What is the standard height/width of the tent? 

A typical tent that can accommodate four persons is either 7*7 or 8*8. This depends upon the number of people you want to house and the area available for its spread. You will want to know the exact area you are allocated on that campsite, and then you can adjust the height and width of your tent. 

  1. Is it necessary to have a tent at a campsite? 

Not really. Most of the campsites have a variety of cabins that you can choose from. These are in different sizes, amenities and other things. There are also hostel-style rooms that you can choose from. 

  1. How do I know If camping suits me? 

That’s a rather difficult question to answer. Everybody is different, and you may or may not enjoy sleeping in a tent and hearing water flow from nearby. Some people like the stridulation of insects at night while others think it’s scary and ridiculous. 

However, staying in a cabin or tent is like staying in a smaller version of your house if you have your favourite person with you. 

  1. When should I go camping? 

That depends upon your preference for the campsite. Most people go camping between March and August, as those are the summer months. The water feels cool, and you can do a few good rounds in it. 

You can lie and soak up the sun rays you’ve missed for so long. However, if you are more of a quiet person who likes tranquillity more than having fun in the sun, the spring or autumn season should work for you. 

These seasons are more calm and quiet as not many people visit the beach these days. You have the entire beach to yourself with no kids jumping in to steal your glamorous beach pictures. 

  1. Do campsites have restaurants? 

A wide variety of campsites have their own restaurants and tuck shops now. You can buy a good full-course meal or some light snacks to keep the cranky mood at bay. The tuck shops are really useful if you have children. You can also cook your own food. 

If you have your own equipment to do a bbq party or some other dish – well and good. Or you can borrow from the campsite authorities for a short period of the day. 

  1. What fun activities can I do on a campsite? 

Campsites are synonyms for fun activities, but all the fun falls upon how much time you can spare. If you are by a beach, you can go wakeboarding, kayaking, boating, diving, and so much more. You can also try rock climbing, biking, ziplining, and so much more. 

However, if you are not an adventurous person, you need not engage in all of these activities. Your camping trip should be as per your choice. You can simply stay in the tent or roam around with your partner or simply explore the beach on your boat. 

  1. Are there many mosquitoes in Essex? 

Not really; Essex is not a mosquito’s favourite place. However, there is a good variety of insects that roam around and a very beautiful collection of seashells and fish. 

  1. What are the necessary supplies I should take along?

Since you are going to an authorised campsite, chances are you will not need a ton load of stuff as the camping team will have everything organised. Moreover, most of your time will be out camping and exploring the surrounding places, so you won’t be around the camp for long. 

However, you will need to have an extra set of warm clothes and loose-fitted t-shirts, trousers and other clothing stuff. This will come in handy if you run out of clothes while camping. These include a rain jacket and hard boots. If the season is exceptionally cold, make sure to keep big, warm blankets and fleece jackets to keep you warm. 

  1. Is camping in winter safe? 

Totally! In fact, winter camping has become an increasing trend, and everyone is trying it out. Several tourism companies have begun adding winter camping as a package. 

You can bring the necessary stuff for winter, or you can pay the camp organisers to provide you with the essentials. You just need to book your cabin in advance and make the required arrangements. 

  1. What use does a service building have? 

A service building is alongside the campsite where all sorts of essentials and toiletries are present. This area houses the toilets, washrooms, showers, kitchen and more. Think of it as the room in the hostel that has a community bathroom and other things. 

All the people use this place as this is a shareable area. If you want a single washroom area, you can get the one with the washroom attached. It might cost a little more, but it’s the ideal choice if you are camping with your family. 

If you are alone or with a group of friends, the service building can be a fairly economical option. 


Camping is one of the best adventures you can have with your family. It’s so fun-filled, and you get to discover and experience new places. But everything you do must be done within safe boundaries to avoid any problems. 

For that, you must ensure the camping site you choose is safe and moderately populated. The authorities must be extra careful and concerned, and you have everything you need, including emergency supplies. 

You can easily find a good campsite when you have the factors straight in mind. Sift through the above-mentioned campsites for the best camping experience. 

That brings us to the end of this post. Happy Camping! 

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