The 8 Best Family-Friendly Campsites In Essex In 2022

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Camping is the best way to enjoy the summer and have unforgettable outdoor experiences. Not only does camping reduce stress and help you get away from your daily routine, but it’s also an excellent way to bond with your family. 

However, what are the best family-friendly campsites in Essex that you can consider?

Most often, Essex is overlooked when it comes to activities like camping. Yet the green countryside is full of rolling landscapes, nature reserves, county parks, and many more. Apart from that, Essex is home to dazzling seaside towns full of sandy beaches, which are perfect for camping.

If you are wondering about the best family-friendly campsites in Essex, we’ve put together some places to head to on your next holiday. We have ranked these best family-friendly campsites in Essex based on various factors such as features, internet access, and price. 

Besides, the sites in this list offer the most secure and environmentally friendly locations to enjoy good moments with your family to the fullest!

Best Family-Friendly Campsites in Essex

Here is a quick overview of the best places in Essex you can camp with your family:

  1. Grange Farm Campsite – Best Overall
  2. Fen Farm Caravan Park – Most Quiet Camping Site
  3. Finchingfield Camping – Most Beautiful Lavender Fields
  4. Daisy May’s Farm – Fun and Educational Encounters With Exotic Animals
  5. Layer Marney Tower – Best for Conferences, Meetings, and Weddings
  6. The Pretty Thing – Lovely and Peaceful Environment
  7. The Orchards Holiday Park– Best Entertainment Joint With Sandy Beaches 
  8. Osea Leisure Park– Best for Leisure

1. Grange Farm Campsite– Best Overall

Grange Farm Campsite is our number one best camping site. It is seasonally open from March to October. The site has stunning countryside views and camping options like cottages for those who like home comforts. 

Most importantly, Grange Farm Campsite offers various accommodations. Therefore, you can find an excellent place to stay at affordable prices. Moreover, the site has 60 acres of camping and farmland. The camping area covers at least two acres with grass pitches that are good for tents and standing pitches and incredible power hookups for motorhomes and caravans.

The campsite is also very quiet and has good footpaths ideal for birdwatching. Apart from that, Grange Farm Campsite has different spots to eat that suit everyone. There are classic pubs, restaurants, and chip shops. Furthermore, the site has essentials like chemists, hairdressers, and Tesco Express.


  • Different accommodations
  • Affordable
  • Great facilities, including electric hookups for caravans
  • Friendly staff
  • Good footpaths 
  • Near various offsite facilities such as pubs and restaurants


  • Small washrooms 
  • Lack of hot water in sinks

2. Fen Farm Caravan Park– Most Quiet Camping Site

Are you looking for quiet and family-friendly campsites? If so, Fen Farm Caravan Park is the ideal choice. Indeed, this camping site has many amazing things, from its friendly staff to excellent accommodations.

Fen Farm Caravan Park is located on Essex’s Island, a few minutes from the beach. The camping site is surrounded by beautiful scenic fields, thus making it a wildlife haven for plants and animals.  

In addition, Fen Farm Caravan Park is the best place for those who like a quiet place away from clubhouses. There are spacious pitches and loads of rooms where you can spread your kit, whether you are pitching alone or with your family.

Besides, this camping site has two play areas, a cricket, and a rounders area. There are also fully serviced occupied caravans and plenty of rooms for tourers, tents, and motorhomes of different sizes. 

Also, the site has a pub and a shop. Moreover, takeaways, bigger shops, and famed seafood restaurants are a few metres away from the site.

Another great thing about this site is that there are many electric hookups and Wi-Fi. Plus, clean washrooms and showers. For those who love bicycling, watersports, and tennis, you can enjoy leisure activities at the site or nearby places. Plus, it has a woodland area for nature trekking and wildlife watching.


  • Good children’s play area
  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Spacious pitches
  • Dog and pet-friendly park
  • Quiet place
  • Clean toilets and shower blocks for washing up
  • Top-notch facilities
  • Showers are solar-heated


  • No takeaways inside the park
  • No deposit refunds
fen farm

3. Finchingfield Camping– Most Beautiful Lavender Fields

Undoubtedly, the Finchingfield camping site is one of the loveliest places in Essex, with green villages, windmills, and mediaeval and Georgian chocolate box houses. 

This fantastic site is pitched up in a big area surrounded by meadows and lavender fields. Besides, there are plenty of things to do inside the camp, from wine tasting, wild swimming, and farm visits just a few walks from the campsite.

Apart from that, the Finchingfield camping site has many tea rooms, pubs, and village greens, perfect for summer picnics. Also, they have a cafe that serves drinks, baked goods, and delicious cakes. Moreover, you will find comfortable sun loungers, deck chairs, and picnic blankets inside the park. 


  • Picturesque meadow and lavender fields
  • Composite washrooms
  • Luggage carts
  • Perfect for camping and glamping
  • Lots of onsite activities for adults and children
  • Friendly staff
  • Beautiful meadows and fields


  • No takeaways inside the site

4. Daisy May’s Farm– Fun and Educational Encounters With Exotic Animals

Daisy Mays Farm is an interactive family-friendly campsite surrounded by quiet countryside. The camp is located on 20 acres of good pasture and woodland with sheep paddocks. There are no electric grass pitches, thus suitable for trailer tents and regular tents. Further, Daisy Mays Farm has large playgrounds for kids to play, collect eggs and feed pygmy goats.

Moreover, Daisy Mays Farm is safe and secure, with sandpits and an adventure playground. If you opt to stay, the pitches can accommodate up to 6 people max, and you can choose between the grass tent and touring pitches. You can get takeaways and your favourite foods from the restaurants near the campsite.  

There is an entry fee of £5 per person, and the farm is only open until 4 PM. Another great thing about Daisy Mays Farm is that they accept different payment methods, so if you are short on cash, you can pay via bank transfer. 


  • Motorcycle friendly
  • Dogs allowed
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wildlife haven
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Large playgrounds and woodland
  • Environment-friendly 
  • Children will have fun feedings animals
  • Children one-year-old and below are not included in the concession


  • No entertainment facilities inside the camp
  • Only open for a few hours

5. Layer Marney Tower– Best for Conferences, Meetings, and Weddings

Layer Marney Tower is a beautiful building standing 80 feet within the stunning grounds. The site is located near Colchester, Essex, and is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse on the shores of the Blackwater river in the UK. 

There are always many camping activities inside the campsite, including nature walks. Also, you can feed the lambs on the farm grounds and attend the village fairs, live music, and concerts. If you don’t like setting up your tent, you can try glamping in the Marney Tower Grounds.

Hidden in the camp woodlands are six glamour camping tents with good master bedrooms, running water, and proper lavatories. Additionally, this campsite has a fully equipped kitchen with dishwashers and clean bathrooms. 

There is a self-contained ground-floor apartment with a living and sleeping area. Further, the apartments are decorated with stone-coloured terracotta on the windows and Italianate mouldings, adding a flair to its overall look. 

There is also free parking and guided tours for individuals and day groups. Moreover, the site is suitable for meetings, conferences, and wedding receptions. 


  • Glamorous camping tents
  • Self-contained apartments
  • Different camp activities
  • Friendly tour guides
  • Educational facilities
  • Great conference and meeting site
  • Free parking


  • No hotels inside the camp
  • Thick woodlands unsafe for kids touring
visit essex

6. The Pretty Thing– Lovely and Peaceful Environment

The Pretty Thing is a fantastic campsite in a lovely and quiet area. It has a lovely atmosphere, the perfect place for summer visits with your family. For instance, on the site, you can view the famous Clacton Airshow and festivals of all kinds.

Apart from that, The Pretty Thing is surrounded by farmlands, nature reserves, and forests where you can explore and hike. Their facilities include modern toilets and showers. Plus, a children’s play area and fire pits to hire are also available.

Further, the site has friendly and knowledgeable staff thus they can tell you the best area to explore in the campsite. Additionally, takeaways, restaurants, and bigger shops are a few minutes’ walk from the camp. However, if you love different seafood, the neighbouring hotels offer these types of food.


  • Lots of space for kids
  • Has a play area
  • Good staff members
  • Beautiful view of farmlands
  • Dog-friendly 
  • Environment-friendly, non-electric camping grounds


  • Inadequate facilities
  • Some guests experience delays while booking

7. The Orchards Holiday Park– Best Entertainment Joints With Sandy Beaches

This amazing site is situated in a peaceful setting in Essex county. The Orchards Holiday Park is near the seashore, and you can walk to the sea to sand and pebble beach from the camp.

So, for those looking for a weekend out with their family and friends, Orchard Holiday Park is the ideal place. The town features many shops, restaurants, and bars where you can enjoy a hearty meal or a good drink. Moreover, this iconic Clacton Pier has a lot of entertainment facilities and, of course, thrilling fairgrounds giving you a fantastic coastline view.

In addition, the park has a lot of activities to keep you busy, like bungee trampolines, outdoor pools, and fishing. There are also brilliant amenities like bedrooms and washrooms to suit all the customers.


  • Beautiful sand beaches
  • Lots of entertainment facilities
  • Different activities on the site
  • Thrilling fairgrounds
  • Has an outdoor pool
  • Has a nine-hole golf course
  • Safe environment for kids


  • A bit pricey

8. Osea Leisure Park– Best for Leisure

The last campsite on our list is Osea Leisure Park, located in Maldon, Essex. The site offers various activities for people of all ages, like swimming, fishing, and boat riding.

Osea Leisure Park also has glamping lodge tents with comfortable beds, hot water, and a log-burning stove. Inside the rooms, there are electric lights and exclusive toilets. 

Moreover, the campsite has several amenities like restaurants, shops, and bars where you can get your favourite meal and drinks.

In addition, Osea Leisure Park has comfortable sun loungers and deck chairs. Plus, beautiful scenic fields and spacious pitches make the place ideal for weddings and conferences. Free parking is also available.


  • Free parking
  • Great space for touring caravans 
  • Lots of facilities
  • You can set up your own tent
  • You can choose from a list of accommodations, from houses to pods
  • Good location


  • Expensive compared to other sites

Things to Consider While Looking for the Best Family-Friendly Campsites in Essex

Choosing a campsite can make your camping trip enjoyable or a complete disaster if it has noisy neighbours, inadequate facilities, and flooded tents. But this can be avoided by doing some preparations and planning before choosing your campsite. 

So, whether you are glamping in a pitching tent or an RV, there are some essential factors to consider while selecting the campsite.

  • Location

It’s best to consider how long you want to drive to reach your destination. For example, if you are going to camp for a long holiday, you can travel a little bit further. On the other hand, if you are camping for a short break, you can opt for the nearest camping location. 

A good camping site should be located near good roads. Indeed, you don’t want to arrive at your camping site with stress and damage to your car. Another reason you should choose a camp in a good location is the neighbouring surroundings. Most people like quiet and peaceful environments away from large crowds, roads and disturbances. 

  • Safety 

Safety is another necessary factor to consider, especially when camping involves kids. Safe campsites should not have open water because children,non-swimmers, and pets can easily fall.

In addition, you must be careful while walking in thick woodlands since you could encounter wild animals or get lost. Pitching under trees is very risky during bad weather, especially rain. You don’t want to suffer damage from falling branches. Therefore, to minimise injury and casualty risks, it is good to prioritise this when choosing your camping site.

  • Accessible Facilities

Campsites should have restaurants, hot water, and laundry facilities. The camp should also be disability friendly with motorhomes and caravans, and Wi-Fi must be inclusive for everyone. 

Furthermore, hot showers and clean washrooms are also good factors to consider. Either way, when choosing your campsite, conduct thorough research to know the accessible facilities and those that fit your needs. For example, camping sites with modern facilities are an ideal choice for a family who does not like the hassle of pitching tents.

  • Available Activities

Most campsites engage in many activities. Therefore, your activity checklist should influence the camp you choose. Some campsites have a farm; others are near the sea. Popular activities on the campsite include walking, fishing, cycling, swimming and many more. Make sure that your children can also enjoy the experience.

  • Size 

Even if you fail to consider all the above factors, size is critical when choosing your best campsite. Some people go camping in small groups, while others prefer to camp in large groups. Either way, the camp size matters a lot. A good campsite should have ample space for every person to set up a tent, cook, or do other essential activities without disturbing other campers.

Frequently asked questions

Which items should I carry while going camping in Essex?

The accessories you need for camping will depend on several factors, such as the time of the year, what you’re going to do at the campsite, and the time you’re going to stay there. Either way, your camping checklist should have four basic things, including shelter, clothing, bedding, and cooking items. You can also carry other miscellaneous and personal items to the campsite.

Is it reasonable to go camping with small children in Essex?

Yes, you can take your children camping. This is because children love to explore new things outdoors. So, when you go camping with your children, you can imagine their joy when they see wildlife and enjoy nature. Moreover, they can swim and explore the area if you choose a campsite near a beach. However, never leave children unattended when camping to avoid accidents.

Do Essex campsites allow campfires?

This will vary with the location you choose to camp in Essex. But most of them allow campfires provided you follow set campfire rules like checking limitations such as high winds.

What sort of things can I do while camping in Essex?

There are endless activities to do while camping in Essex. You can enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, birdwatching, and many more. Moreover, you can participate in sports like golf and pool. But to know more about the activities to participate in, you can check the program or ask the tour guides at the campsite you visit.

Final Words

In summary, camping is a good pass time activity for most people because it is cost-effective and enjoyable. Camping also provides an excellent time to enjoy nature with family and friends. 

Besides, campsites incorporate many activities like swimming, fishing, cycling, and hiking, among others, that you can enjoy with your family. 

Apart from that, campsites have other benefits, including relaxation, reducing stress, and engaging in physical activities. However, not all camps will provide all those benefits, while an ideal one will depend on personal preferences. 

If you are looking for the best family-friendly campsites in Essex, look at the campsites on our list. We have featured the most popular and budget-friendly campsites in Essex that will surely be a hit with your kids. 

So, if you are willing to camp during the weekends and holidays, don’t hesitate to visit one of these campsites.

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