7 Best Campsites In Essex For Campervans

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With its sunny coastline and beautiful scenery, Essex is home to some of the best campsites for campervans. However, you must plan well ahead of your camping. Otherwise, the whole experience might become rather unpleasant. 

Thankfully, there is a lot of information on the best campsites in Essex for campervans. However, many of these adverts are biassed. We understand this and we’ve shared you all need to know about the best campsites in Essex for campervans. 

Best Campsites in Essex For Campervans

  1. ThamesView-Camping
  2. Jays Lodge Caravan Park
  3. Golden Grove Caravan Park
  4. Colchester Country Park 
  5. Waldegraves Holiday Park
  6. Kelvedon Hatch and Caravan Camping Club Site
  7. Martello Beach Holiday Park ( Park Holidays Uk)

1. Thames View Camping

Thames View Camping is a Greener Camping Club site with a campervan, motor home, and caravan rental services that offer hard-to-resist packages. 


Members-Only Campsite

Thames View Camping is a member-only club site with campervan pitches of different sizes. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable for your campervan and needs. Lots of facilities and other amenities come with that too. Though, what you have access to differs, depending on your budget.

For a single campervan pitch, you can’t be more than six in number. Also, an adult must be available at all times to avoid incidents. However, you can add more people as supplements at special charges. 


They allow a maximum of two dogs, but they must always be leashed because the site has cattle. 

Scenic Environment 

Among other things, every pitch has a fascinating view of farm meadows, hedgerows, and trees. This campsite boasts of well-preserved nature. You can get a view of the river Thames and the sea wall. You are surrounded by nature everywhere, and the grass is trimmed throughout the campsite.  Also, the trees are well-grown and planted for each member. 

Activities Calendar

The camp has a calendar that spells out all its activities and events throughout the year. This is where you should be if you are a lover of adventure. 


  • Availability of 4G and 5G WiFi for easy connection of your devices to the internet
  • Campfire and fire pit available for each pitch
  • Availability of playgrounds and football pitch
  • Facilities for arts and crafts available
  • Stretch of dog walk tracks available
  • Highly eco-friendly  


  • You must register as a member to gain access to the campsites
  • Does not allow commercial work vehicles/vans with signage

2. Jays Lodge Caravan Park

This adult-only campsite is situated on the grounds of a farm. It is the ideal place if you are planning on a long stay.



Jays Lodge Caravan Park is accessible and easily linked to the M25 and A13. It means your campervan does not have to endure the rigours of dirt roads. 

Public House

There is also a village pub where you can buy your good food. The pub is a two-minute walk. 

Sightseeing Spots 

The Dartford river and the Lakeside shopping centre are two other attractions camping on Jays Lodge Caravan Park places within your reach. Going shopping is no hassle here; if you choose sightseeing, Dartford is a good destination. 


Besides the space for your campervan, you can also secure grass or hardstanding pitches. If you are considering pitching a tent, they have electric hookups, and their bathroom facilities are ultra-modern.  


  • Located within a safe and secure farm 
  • Easily accessible by road
  • Specialised campsite for campervans and caravans
  • Allows extensive stay 
  • Located close to social amenities


  • They do not allow dogs on site
  • Rather too small, with just 15 pitches
  • It’s adult-only, so it’s not for a family holiday
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3. Golden Grove Caravan Park

Golden Grove Caravan Park is LUX Life magazine’s 2022 ‘Best Caravan and Motorhome Park of the Year.’ This unique campervan campsite stands on the private parkland of Sailing Grove Estate in North Essex. 


Sixteenth-century landscape design

It is a sixteenth-century landscape design that preserves nature and offers campers all the fun they seek. The impressive skylines of North Essex and its imposing oaks and cedar trees wrap beautifully around this campsite. It is not surprising, therefore, that this locality is home to many rare animals and plants.

Working Facilities 

All facilities that you need to have a fascinating experience are available. Campers have access to electricity, water, and a well-equipped kitchen. Plus, every pitch, grass or hard standing, has an electric hookup, water points, and washing up point. There is a utility room with a washing machine. It also has a dryer and a unisex WC. 

That does not mean you cannot use your campervan’s chemical toilet. There is an Elsan tank (Elsan point) to take care of chemical toilet disposal.  

Super Pitch

Golden Grove Caravan Park created an exclusive ‘super pitch’ this year (2022). It is meant for campervans and large caravans. This area is securely fenced, so you can unleash your dogs – no restriction is required.     


  • The camp allows dogs on site 
  • Availability of Elsan point
  • A well-kept pitch available for activities
  • Open all year round
  • Provisions for seasonal camping available
  • Availability of electric hookups and water supply


  • Children are not welcome on the campsite
  • Dogs cannot go free outside the exclusive areas
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4. Colchester Country Park 

Colchester Country Park is a well-managed, family-friendly campervan campsite near ColchesterTown Centre. It is specially designed with a campervan or caravans-driving campers in mind.


Top-notch Facilities 

The campsite boasts top-notch facilities. Each campervan gets a luxury awning to give you an outdoor experience. There are many hardstanding pitches, suitable for small campervans. Apart from hot showers with free hot water, you have a restaurant, café, or takeaway located just one mile from the campsite. You will get a key fob to access these facilities from 6 am to 12 am. Their facilities are also disabled-friendly.

Tourist Attractions 

On the side, there are many tourist attractions close to the Colchester zoo and Colchester Arts Centre. You can enjoy comedy shows or jazz music from Colchester Arts Centre. Mersea Island and Beth Chatto Gardens are also there for your enjoyment. 

There are facilities for various outdoor activities scattered around Essex and at your disposal. Your choices include golfing, horse riding, and a hot air balloon ride. 

Also available for your enjoyment at Colchester Country Park are interesting events, such as Spooky Nights, Fireworks Night, and Christmas & New Year’s Fun (TBC).       


One major thing that Colchester Country Park prioritises is security and safety. They fortified the campsite with a 24 hours CCTV security system. The made Cameras are available at every strategic point throughout the campsite. Also, secure and alarmed storage facilities for your campervan (motorcaravan), caravan, and other vehicles. The facilities are meant to be a guide against vandalism and theft. 


  • Open to everyone, including children
  • Pets are allowed on the campsite
  • The campsite is well secured and maintained
  • There are private shower cubicles with free hot water
  • Availability of a big play area for children
  • Located on a beautiful landscape secluded away from city noises
  • Caravan lodges available for sales


  • There are no games room
  • You cannot hire a camper van or caravan from this campsite

5. Waldegraves Holiday Park 

This is a family-friendly holiday park situated on the beautiful Mersea Island. It has facilities for your campervan. Your camping can take different dimensions here as you immerse yourself in the many luxury alternatives available. You deserve a cosy holiday in your campervan at this campsite.


Serviced Pitches

They have serviced pitches specifically designed for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, and the like. Their hardstanding pitches are built of gravel and grass and will serve your purpose, whatever the season. 

Sightseeing Spots

You can pitch across the beautiful lake or adjacent to the fishing lake. The seafront is also for availability, especially if you love bird sightings. Although these campsite areas have non-electric camping fields, there are many tempting options you will like.  

The campsite is surrounded by fabulous picturesque scenery. You can explore the  Blackwater Estuary on the grounds or have a fun time at the Waldegraves private beach with its mix of sand and shingle.  


Right in the park, there is Wheatgrain Supermarket for your shopping. You can also find locally sourced groceries, candy, fishing gear, and souvenirs. 


The Granary Restaurant is also at hand to cater to your nutritional needs. The restaurant offers a vast selection of meals and assortments of drinks. Mersea Island has much quality local produce that keeps the restaurant furnished nonstop. 


  • Camp is open to adults and children
  • There are facilities for the disabled
  • A lot of entertaining events scheduled
  • Discounts are available on large group booking


  • May be rowdy and noisy if there are too many children at the campsite
  • Some areas of the campsite are without electricity 
  • Some members of staff can be so obnoxiously nosy
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6. Martello Beach Holiday Park (Park Holidays UK) 

This seaside campsite opens to campervans with plenty of space for your campervan. The park got its name from the famous sandy Martello Beach in the town of Clacton-On-Sea. It is a campsite for a fun family holiday. 


Open To All

Unlike some campsites featured in this guide, Martello Beach Holidays Park is open to children and adults.

7-Mile Shoreline of Sand

Campers at Martello Beach Holiday can enjoy the golden shoreline of sand that sprawls out over 7 miles. There is lots of space for sandcastles for children and adults.

The impressive coastline is ideal for watching the sunset and sunrise in the evening and morning. You can also swim along the coastline and dry out on sand afterwards, which is a great way to unknot the tangled nerves in your muscles. 

Proximity To Landmarks 

Martello Beach Holiday Park is not far from major landmarks and attractions, which is a huge plus. Colchester Zoo, Holland Haven Country Park, and the East Anglian Railway Museum are all close to this park. In addition, it is just a 3-mile drive to the Clacton-on-Sea resort to enjoy its popular fun pier. Besides these, you can also explore other places, such as Tricky Escape Clacton, Curve Wake Park, and The Beth Chatto Gardens. 

Access to St. Osyth Beach and Seawick. 

Using Martello Beach Holiday Camp is a double ticket. Camping with them, you automatically secure access to St. Osyth Beach and Seawick. 

Park Entertainment 

Another side attraction at Martello is the well-packaged park entertainment. You can encourage your family to try their luck at the game zones, playing their arcade favourites. Here, many fun machines keep you and your family cheerful all day long, roaring and howling with laughter. The kids can sit back and enjoy the scintillating lives of Loopy, Cyril, and Penny Prickles.  


  • Availability of an adventure playground
  • The campsite has an on-the-ground mini mart shop for shopping
  • Easy connection to superfast internet anywhere on the campsite
  • The campsite is open to pets, including dogs
  • Campers have access to a launderette
  • Availability of a Weather Sports Pitch
  • Wheelchair-accessible passages are available


  • It gets some of its attractions from the other parks
  • The campsite is not easy to access by road
  • Park does not have an independently hosted website
camping and caravanning club

7. Kelvedon Hatch and Caravan Camping Club Site

If you want to go camping in your campervan, living behind all the noises of the city, this is a perfect destination. Kelvedon Hatch and Caravan Camping Club sites have many pitches for your campervan or motorhome. 


Proximity To The City

Those who may want to enjoy the glamour of the capital will love this campsite. Its proximity to London gives visitors the luxury of visiting London. 

Historical Museum And Other Attractions 

The campsite is also close to the long-secret nuclear bunker, which is now a museum. Mountnessing Windmill and MacDonald’s Farm are two other lovely sites campers can visit from Kelvedon. You can visit London by train or bus. You can also go on an adventure to Blue Flag, Canvey Island Beach, and the Thames Estuary. 

Besides these attractions, Kelvedon also boasts an entertainment venue, a launderette, Amusement Arcade, and a fishing lake.

Special Pitches for Campervans

Kelvedon offers much excitement and attraction for campers. There are also pitches designed specifically for camper vans. The campervan pitches are cut-to-taste with electricity and water points.


  • Suitable hardstanding pitches with hookups for camper vans
  • Availability of local foods and vegetables
  • WiFi available for connectivity and entertainment
  • Dedicated Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Designated dog walk tracks


  • Accessing the campsite is a bit awkward.

Guide to Choosing the Best Campsite is Essex

We know how difficult it is to sift through the tons of information on the internet for the best campsite. Therefore, we put this guide together to help you navigate with ease. If you are planning a holiday, this guide will come in handy.  

Security and Safety

Be sure that the campsite is safe from danger. Camping should be fun; otherwise, what’s its essence? Only safe campsites are worth your money. 

Amenities and Facilities

Since you are taking a campervan on the trip, you must consider the necessary facilities and amenities. Particularly, you must know if the campsite you are going to has dedicated spaces for campervans. You must also consider other needs and see whether they have facilities. This becomes even more important if someone in your group has special needs. 

Proximity to Market or Shops

Campervans are not jumbo-sized, so the space inside is limited. Pack minimal supplies to make the best of this limited space. This way, there will be lots of space left for your comfort. At the same time, if you had chosen a campsite not too far from a market. You can easily make purchases according to your needs. 


Q1. What payment alternatives do camping sites allow? 

There is no single favoured payment method by campsites. Campers pay to campsites using debit or credit cards. Yet, there may be camping sites that may insist on a particular payment method. 

Q2. Are all caravan campsites open to campervans?

No, not all, but many are. This may be because both caravans and campervans are exotic mobile lodges. Campervans are likely to be slightly bigger than a caravan, but it’s a caravan that often takes up more space. That’s because caravans require a vehicle to tow them. Thus, put the caravan and the motor that pulls it together, and it will be bigger than an average campervan.

Q3. Are there any campervan campsites in Essex?

There are many campsites in Essex that allow campervans. The leading ones are already discussed in this piece. 

Q4. Can I bring my pets, especially a dog?

That depends on the rules of the campsites. While a few campsites allow pets, the majority do not. They do not allow pets, especially dogs, because of their poop and other litter. 

Q5. What differentiates a campervan from a caravan?

A caravan does not have an engine, but a campervan does. Caravans are attached to a vehicle that pulls them along. However, a campervan is motorised so that you can drive it.  


Essex is a wonderful county in the UK. Its beautiful scenery is a sight to behold. The coastlines and the beautiful horizon merge to give extra attractive shades of colours and make it an ideal location for camping. 

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