Best Bars in Essex for Cocktails (Cool and Quirky Bars)

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Nothing beats a good cocktail. Cocktails fit every occasion; outings, celebrations, and others. While you can enjoy your cocktails at home, you’d usually visit a pub to enjoy a few drinks with friends. If you are visiting London, you may need to see some Central London bars to enjoy more than fabulous cocktails.

Along with great drinks, these pubs have live music, gardens and other side attractions to keep you entertained as you sip on your drinks. However you like your drinks, these top bars provide quality services to suit your taste. If you are in Essex and need a fun evening, these good pubs are for you.

Fabulous Cocktail Bars in Essex

1. Speakeasy Bar

Launched in 2007, the Speakeasy Bar has become a notable cocktail bar in the city of Essex. Located in Epping Forest District, this bar has a varied cocktail menu with several drinks for your pleasure. Additionally, the bar has live music/DJ-led events inspired by the famous Chicago-style long bar. As a top bar, you will find the atmosphere entertaining as you sit in the evening to enjoy your cocktail serving.

The bar’s modest exterior is nothing compared to the sleek and contemporary interior of the bar’s design. One thing you will quickly notice about this place is the marble bar that adds colour and elegance to the party. If you love a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying your drinks, Speakeasy Bar is one venue you must not miss.

The bar also has a friendly staff that ensures you have a remarkable experience. Their professionalism and politeness are just what you need after a stressful day. The bar also keeps your glass filled with the best drinks you can find anywhere in London’s city of Essex. Furthermore, this is one bar to consider if you want to have an intimate time with your partner. The tables are placed in a way to promote privacy, and the music fills the air with love and romance.

You don’t need to worry about proximity because Speakeasy Bar is only a seven-minute walk away from the Epping Tube Station. So, you can always find transportation to anywhere within London. Speakeasy Bar also has an extensive and unique evening music programme for music lovers. All you have to do is click on the “What’s On” tab and find out what’s playing in the evening.

Also, this bar offers the best affordable whiskey. The bar’s experienced bartenders always make delicious gin, whisky, champagne and rum cocktails at affordable rates. Overall, Speakeasy Bar is a fun place to spend an evening with your loved ones, and that, too, is right at your door.


Speakeasy Bar is one of the best bars in the world. Furthermore, the bar has an exciting cocktail list comprising beers, wines, cocktails, and spirits. If you want to enjoy a fun atmosphere with the best drinks, Speakeasy Bar is the best place.

Speakeasy Bar also has an exciting mix of live bands and DJs. The bar also has karaoke sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays for customer entertainment. Furthermore, you can hire this bar’s venue for your events. You can either fully engage, film hire or part hire the venue for your film location works.

The bar is open all week with irregular work hours. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Speakeasy Bar opens from 4 pm to 7 pm, while from Wednesdays to Sundays, you get to enjoy the bar’s services from 4 pm to 1 am. Take a walk down Epping High Street today to enjoy a great selection of drinks and music.


  • Vibrant bar
  • Craft beers
  • Fabulous cocktail bar
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to locate
  • Opens all week
  • Excellent customer service


  • It does not open during the day
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2. Baroosh

Another attractive Bar in London is Baroosh. The bar launched in 2006 and has remained one of the best cocktail bars in Chelmsford, East London. Also, this bar has a menu of delicious food that compliments its richly-made cocktail menu.

Baroosh is a calm and exciting place for you to relax with friends after a stressful day or week at work. The tables used in the bar promote privacy among friends and lovers. Furthermore, Baroosh’s bar and kitchen focus on craft beers, wine, delicious food, and classic cocktails obtained from all over the world.

Furthermore, this bar strives to exceed expectations by doing simple things exceptionally instead of incorporating alien menus. Baroosh kitchen and bar have talented chefs that create tasty meals using fresh ingredients. You can share special moments with people that matter at this fabulous bar at any time of the day while enjoying its delicious food.

Early birds can enjoy an outstanding brunch offer when they patronize Baroosh. The bar will give you several nibbly bits you can eat at any time of the day. Additionally, you will enjoy bigger meal plates, complemented by hand-crafted cocktails, quality wines, and premium spirits. Like other quirky bars, you will enjoy world beers from the brand’s taps and fridges.


Baroosh has a door policy that allows people aged 21 and above into the bar. Besides its good vibes, DJ sets and cocktails, the bar has a relaxed dress code approach. However, guests must maintain a clean and presentable outlook to access the bar. 

Meanwhile, Baroosh does not allow football colours within its restaurant and bar, and all customers can host parties in the bar. 

In addition, the restaurant has vegetarian meals for people who do not like to eat meat or meat-derived meals. You can also enjoy several gourmet burgers, bar snacks, and main dishes like crayfish, ramen, and avocado salad garnished with steaks. 

The bar and restaurant are open at 9:30 am and close by 21:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. From Wednesdays to Fridays, the bar and restaurant open by 9:30 am and close by 22:00. 

Furthermore, the London pub has a vast menu and obeys social distancing rules. This bar is the perfect spot to enjoy quality time in London.


  • British cuisine
  • Exciting cocktails
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Assorted drinks
  • Comfortable venue and bright atmosphere
  • Relatively affordable means
  • Vegetarian food


  • No entry for people under 21

3. Vertigo Lounge

Vertigo Lounge is one of the most outstanding night bars around Essex with a cast venue.

The bar has three floors with different characteristics. On the ground floor, you will enjoy drinks that relax your head and get you fired up for new challenges. You can pop into this casual floor to sample the cocktail menu until the early hours during the weekends while vibing to the music played by the resident DJ.

The middle floor of Vertigo Lounge is the function room, where you can enjoy various things. You can enjoy afternoon tea for weddings, birthdays, meetings, or other numerous celebrations. Also, you will see a stunning view of the Hornchurch skyline on the top floor of this bar. The top floor is a perfect spot for lovebirds to enjoy intimate drinks. Also, the top floor has a private outdoor terrace for a better view of the city.

Vertigo Lounge also has a perfect ambience for your mid-week drinks. Alternatively, you could visit this venue for your late-night parties, music and 2-4-1 cocktails. The atmosphere at this lounge makes it perfect for people looking to enjoy cocktails in Essex, London. You will find Vertigo Lounge in the centre of Hornchurch. 


Vertigo Lounge allows young people and families during the day. However, the lounge becomes exclusive to those over 21 after 7 pm. Vertigo Lounge’s police ensure that only grown-ups remain behind at night.

Vertigo Lounge has an exciting cocktail menu like most cocktail bars in West London. However, instead of the regular cocktail list, you will find with other bars, the bar offers outstanding discounts during its happy hour sales. The two bars (floor and top) have good drinks and offer discounts for newbies and regular customers.

This lounge ensures you have maximum fun. Each floor has a specific activity, which makes it easier for you to concentrate while enjoying the cocktails. Unlike other night bars, people under 21 can visit this cocktail bar in the afternoon and enjoy the delicious menu. However, they will have to leave before 7 pm to give way to only grown-ups.


  • Excellent cocktail menu
  • Suitable daytime venue for younger people
  • Exclusive meals
  • Two floors for drinks
  • Located in town
  • Outstanding serving size


  • No live band

4. Memoirs

Memoirs Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is a beautiful venue located in Colchester town. The bar is located in the Old Library building in Essex. The first thing you will notice about this bar is the fantastic artwork around the venue. This period of architecture and ornate artwork in the venue helps to beautify its atmosphere.

This restaurant/bar has a refined, contemporary cocktail menu with every drink you would expect from the best cocktail bars elsewhere. Additionally, Memoirs has modern dishes you can enjoy and a breathtaking environment. If you need an excellent place to enjoy your evening with friends, Memoirs cocktail bar/restaurant is that place.


Memoirs Bar/restaurant has some exciting dishes on its menu. Additionally, the bar has a beautiful venue you can hire for your special occasions.

One other exciting thing about this establishment is the friendliness of the staff. The staff at Memoirs will make you feel right at home while you drink cocktails mixed by the most experienced bartenders. You must taste the delicacies on this restaurant’s menu if you have a thing for lovely meals.


  • Restaurant and bar
  • Good cocktails
  • Easy to locate
  • Relatively cheap


  • The venue does not allow younger people
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5. Waikiki Bar and Club

Waikiki Bar and Club is another fantastic place to spend your evenings. As the name suggests, you can enjoy drinks at the bar and head to the club for pulsating music from the DJ. Like Memoirs bar/restaurant, Waikiki bar and club is also located in Colchester, Essex. The location is so perfect that it offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere suitable for an evening of uninterrupted drinks.


The bar spots a Hawaiian theme and serves its drinks from original pineapple and coconut husks. Hence, you are sure to feel at home when you patronize this bar. The bar also allows you to rent its tiki tables, reminding you of the tables used in Hawaii. Rest assured, you will enjoy quality hosting service with its friendly staff. The cocktails served in this bar resemble the island-themed mahalo mojito, conch shell, and blue lagoon sharing cocktail.

The drinks’ presentation and the environment make this bar one of the best Hawaiian-themed venues in London. What’s more? You don’t need to spend much to enjoy these Hawaiian-themed drinks and environments.


  • Hawaiian-themed
  • Calming atmosphere
  • Cheap drinks
  • Quality club
  • Friendly staff
  • Best services


  • No food at this bar
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How to Pick the Best Bar in Essex, London

Picking the best bar in Essex, London, is quite challenging. It will be even more difficult if you are new to the city. What of people looking for event centres to host meetings or celebrate memorable events? We understand how frustrating looking for the best bars/restaurants in Essex with that unique feature you seek. 

However, this buying guide will help you pick the bar that gives you the best services.

  • Your Preferences Matter

Ensure to pick a bar or restaurant that has what you desire. If you need cocktail bars, then there is no need to choose a pub that offers beers and other things without assorted cocktails. If you want to enjoy drinks and food, looking for a bar that provides both services to save funds is better. Additionally, look for bars with suitable environments that make you feel at home. If you love Hawaiian-themed settings, you should go to the Waikiki Bar and Club.

  • Consider the Cost

Another essential thing to consider when patronizing a bar is the cost of its drinks and food. It is best to consider those that do not charge exorbitant prices for their drinks and food. If you discover that a brand charges more than others and does not offer much value, it would be best to pick another bar to save you deficient services. You should compare the cost per serving to that of other reputable bars to check if the price is reasonable or not.

  • Read Customer Reviews

Most of these bars in Essex have an online presence. Ensure to pick bars with outstanding customer reviews. Such brands have the backing of users and can deliver quality for the money spent. If you notice more negative comments than positive ones, ensure to pick another bar instead of paying for a bar that offers low services.

  • Working Hours and Dress Policy

If you love wearing casual clothes, going to a bar that only allows you to wear business clothes to gain access is not necessary. Instead, you can look for a bar that accommodates your dress style to enjoy the experience. It would help if you also considered bars with flexible work hours. Some bars only allow for a few drinks before closing. If you love to spend lots of time in bars, you may need to consider bars with longer work hours.

  • Location/ Environment

The location of the bar you are visiting is vital. For many people, it is not just about drinks and food but relaxation and proximity. So when looking for a bar, ensure it is closer to your home. This will help especially if you had too much to drink and can’t drive; you can easily walk home. Also, having drinks in a conducive environment makes for a better experience so only go to bars that have safe and pleasant environments.

Conclusion: Best Bars in Essex for Cocktails (Cool and Quirky Bars)

Essex is home to some of the best bars in London city. They are all interesting, cool and quirky bars that offer the best cocktails.

However, some of these bars do not provide as much quality as expected or have varied menus. We have listed some of Essex’s best, most competitive bars to help you enjoy quality services. You can pick any of these bars we listed to enjoy outstanding benefits and value for your money.

Our team has also included a detailed buying guide that will help you to pick a bar that suits your standards. You must consider our buying guide if you want to enjoy value for your money as you visit the bars in Essex. If you are an explorer, you can decide to see all the bars on our list. We are sure you will enjoy quality satisfaction at these cocktail bars.

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